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Top 15 Instagram Illustrators For Your Inspiration

4. 1. 2021

Check out one of the coolest illustration and design portfoilos on Instagram and get inspired!

Here is a list of my favourite Instragram accounts of very talented designers that I admire. I often visit these profiles to get inspired. I hope you will find these links useful and you will get inspired too! 🙂

Jack Royle 

Jack Royle (@jackrdesign) is a British designer who creates beautiful illustrations in flat design style. He also posts tutorials and tips for designers.

Michael Fugoso

Michael Fugoso (@fugstrator) makes incredible pieces of art, he draws vector illustrations and then transforms them into what looks like paper – cut artworks.

Robert Nowland

Robert Nowland (@rndesign) shares videos where he shows how he creates logos from the first sketch to the final vector image and even places it on some packaging samples to show how it would look. He also posts tutorials and tips on freelance work.

Varun Kumar

Varun Kumar (@varun_kumar5) draws illustrations in flat design style and posts videos of the process of designing them. He draws mostly cars and technical gadgets but also some cute plants and characters.

Niko Dola

Niko Dola (@niko_dola) makes mostly logos and icons but also illustrations. I love his idea of showing various design styles of one topic, he places the pictures next to one another so you can compare them and pick the one you like the most. I admire it because each of the pictures require totally different approach and totally different skills from the designer.

Alfrey Davilla

Alfrey Davilla (@vaneltia_design) creates logos and very cute illustrations of animals and people and turns them into adorable characters. He shares original photos that served him as the source of inspiration and shows the process of creating the illustrations.

Yegor Shustov

Yegor Shustov (@yegormeteor) makes beautiful flat design illustrations. He pays attention to details, his works are elaborate pieces of art. Yegor draws mostly illustrations of landscapes, nature and cities. He also creates pixel perfect icons.


Catalyst (@catalystvibes) is an account full of cute cartoon characters of people and animals in flat design style.

Andrea Negrón

The profile of Andrea Negrón ( is one of my favourites, her drawings are minimalistic and very clean. She creates icons, illustrations and logotypes.

Romain Trystram

The work of Romain Trystram (@romaintrystram) is out of this world! He is a true illustration master and creates incredible pieces of art. I admire absolutely everything in his pictures, the detailed artwork, the shading, the composition, the color palettes. I wish I could draw like this! 🙂


Patswerk (@patswerk) is a design studio specialized in animation. See how these skillful guys make the characters come to life with some motion design tricks. 🙂

Owen Davey

Owen Davey (@owendaveydraws) is a flat design master. There are almost no gradients in his pictures. He draws complex compositions and reduces the objects to minimalistic, geometric shapes. This creates his unique style. He also runs his own poster e-shop.

Andrey Prokopenko

Andrey Prokopenko (@prok_art) draws beautiful images of nature, landscapes or underwater world. He uses gradients and luminous effects, he is good in contrasting the colorful scenes and the dark foreground. This creates a unique atmosphere in his pictures.

Rocky Roak

Rocky Roak (@rockyroak) makes logos and ilustrations but he also shares his sketches that he draws by hand and then redraws them on his iPad in Adobe Fresco app. I always love when I can see how others designers create their work and what tools and apps they use. Rocky also writes useful tutorials on freelancing.

Gregory Darroll

Gregory Darroll (@gregorydarroll) makes beautiful illustrations, he uses flat design style and quite complex compositions. I love his color palletes.

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